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A.W.E. - Machines, Stars, and Smoke

Welcome to A.W.E., Awesome Web Experiences! Where I showcase a few awesome things you can do on the web right now. Today lets look at a cool way to teach our Chromebook new tricks, how to soar through the stars, and a fun way to blow of some smoke.

Teachable Machine

Teach your Chromebook how to do things by making silly faces 😂
This experiment lets you get a small taste of what machine learning is all about. It includes a spoken tutorial that steps you through the process of how machine learning works at a very high level. Teach your Chromebook how to be not evil 😜.

100,000 Stars

Soar through the stars.
100,000 stars will take you on a tour of celestial wonders and allow you to navigate around the solar system and surrounding stars. It is both visually impressive (even on lower spec Chromebooks) and informative. Giving you a sense of the scale of the universe that surrounds you.

Fluid Simulation

Smokey fun!
This is an awesome example of what can be done with some creative WebGL code. It does a great job at simulating smoke and has a nice set of controls to adjust how the smoke reacts. Pro tip: set the density diffusion to 1.0 to keep the smoke from disappearing and right-click and select Save Image As... to save an image so you can create and share colorful paintings.

Do you have any Awesome Web Experiences you want to share drop some links in the comments below or use the hashtag #awesomewebexperiences on Google+, twitter or instagram.