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CROSH: memory_test

This is a follow-up article to my original Intro to CROSH on a Chromebook. Be sure to check that out if you are unfamiliar with CROSH.

Another advanced function that we can perform through CROSH is the ability to run a memory test. Although rare, memory modules can sometimes go bad. Unfortunately when this happens it is not always immediately obvious since the problem may only manifest itself as an occasional crash, or other anomalous effects.
Pretty basic.
As you can see by the help text, it is pretty basic. No flags, just run and wait.
Be patient
...and wait, and wait, and wait. Yeah, it will run though a comprehensive suite of tests, and will take a while. My test took about 5 minutes.
All done.
Once it is all done, if everything has an ok next to it you are good to go.

If you are interested in understanding what all the tests are and how it works check out the website and github page for memtester.

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