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New Way to Live Stream from a Chromebook to YouTube

A while back I had published an article and video about how to live stream to YouTube from your Chromebook. Just in the last couple of weeks YouTube has rolled out an improved way to quickly live stream directly from the web interface instead of from hangouts. Best of all it removes all Google watermark branding that used to be on the stream 😁. Let's take a quick look at the new interface and see just how simple it is now.
Jump into Creator Studio
Head over to YouTube and get to the Creator Studio by clicking your profile button in the top right corner (1), then click on "Creator Studio" (2).
Open the live streaming "Camera"
On the left panel click and open the "Live Streaming" section (1). Then click on "Camera" (2).
So nice!
I love the way the new interface looks, and the flow to get to a live stream is very simple and straightforward.

Stream Options
By default all you will see in the options when you first arrive on this page is the "title" field and the visibility options drop-down, which gives us a choice between "public" and "unlisted". Use "public" if you want your stream visible to the world, and choose "unlisted" if you want to share a private link to only certain people you want to see the stream.

If you click on the "MORE OPTIONS" button. you will be given a description field and two drop-downs, one for camera selection, the other for mic selection.
Make sure it's a good one 😁
As soon as you click the "NEXT" button you will see a countdown. Get ready! You are about to have a picture taken from your selected camera to use as a thumbnail.
Add caption
If you hover over the thumbnail image you will be presented with options to either retake a photo, or upload a custom thumbnail.

Once you have your thumbnail the way you want you can select either "SHARE" or "GO LIVE" Let's look at the "SHARE" option first.
Familiar Share Options
As you can see, the options are almost copy-paste from the YouTube viewer interface. You can share with your friends that you are about to go live.
Going Live!
Once you click "GO LIVE" you will be dropped right into the action. The first thing I want to mention is just how good the delay on the stream is compared to previous streams I've done. Before the default options would give you about a 20 second lag between when you say something and you viewer seeing it. With this interface the lag was around 2-3 seconds.

Now, in the top right you have your stream stats (1). How long you have been streaming, current number of viewers, and likes. On the right panel is the chat feed (2). In here you can see the live stream of chat messages coming from your viewers, and you can respond right there. The drop-down at the top let you select between "Top Chat" and "Live Chat". "Top Chat" filters out spammy messages, and helps you find the most important messages quickly. This is important if you are doing a live stream with hundreds of viewers, as the chat can get pretty crazy. "Live Chat" gives you the message feed unfiltered. This option is probably best for smaller streams.
The Chat Menu
The menu button allows you to open your "participants" panel, pop-out the chat panel, and toggle timestamps on the message feed.
Chat Message Menu
When you hover over a message you can click a menu button next to the message. In this menu you can report, remove, hide, or put in timeout a viewer in the chat. Also, you can choose to make the viewer a moderator. This is valuable since you can have someone watching the chat and responding while you do whatever you are doing on the live stream.

The last area of the interface to talk about is the stream controls (3). In here you can see the mic level, as well as mute the mic. There is a button to share, which brings up the same interface we saw before. Finally, there is the "END STREAM" button.
Done Streaming
When after we finish the stream we are presented with some info about the stream.

And that's it! I love the new interface, and I hope they add some more options in the future. One thing I found was missing that was available in the Hangouts interface is the ability to share your screen. Hopefully that gets added back in in the future. Until next time, happy streaming!